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Orchard Acres Chico

Registered Black Otter Jersey Wooly X537Y

Orchard Acres LTJ3 "Rexie"

Broken Castor Mini Rex
Rexie has been bred to our Rose.

Babby Blue Sammi

Registered Am. Fuzzy Lop X538Y

1 Leg

Nelson's Amos

Registered Jersey Wooly
In our continued effort to better the bloodlines of our Jersey Woolies, we chose Orchard Acre's Rabbitry/Jess Pierson of Crystal Lake, Illinois, Nelson's Amos to breed Chance to. Many of his babies are on our for sale page.

Swanson's Snickers

Am. Fuzzy Lop

Shawnee's Bailey

Bailey has been bred to our Shawnee's Katie on April 6, 2001. To see a recent pic of her click here

Shawnee's Bunny Patch
4554 E. 9th Rd.
Earlville, Illinois, 60518